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Join me, Helen DaVita, as I share my thoughts and ideas in my blog 


At Developing Spirit, we focus on elevating your spiritual growth with subjects including trance mediumship, psychic abilities, intuition, healing, sound, colour, sentient animal communication, and more. Benefit from our extensive collection of videos, audios, books, courses and articles. All content is curated by a globally acknowledged field expert.

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"This is an outstanding work. I am thankful to have taken the course. Thank you, Helen, for putting this course together and for sharing this course with the world. I see the radiance of your soul! I bow to the Divine in you!" Outstanding work!"

Sarah B

"I was lucky enough to have Helen as a spiritual teacher and mentor when I took the Natural Animal Communication course a few years ago. I have been a spiritual student for some 20 years and have taken many courses, and have to say Helen is one of the most genuine, naturally gifted, spiritual teachers I have ever had."

Maureen Murnan

"A lady with a great all round open minded attitude to many spiritual topics, a long time tutor that is truthfully sincere in all her work."

Evelyn C

"Helen has been one of my guides in my own development of Spiritual awareness, of which I am truly and eternally grateful. Her supportive nature has assisted me, the unwilling "medium", to be what I am today, and through her further support - to be who I am tomorrow! "

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book reviews

This book is a must read for anyone studying this subject, it’s written every well and clear Helen has a wealth of knowledge and experience A wonderful read and I hope there will be others to follow I await eagerly !
Amazon review
Exploring the Art of the Spiritual Assessment
It’s a fabulous book, full of wisdom, funny anecdotes and heartfelt advice to bring out the best of your potential. I loved the obvious sincerity that Helen conveys in her words, and the wish that you acknowledge the responsibility to be truthful and honest in everything you do. The little things matter, and the opportunity to be a voice for those who have passed on, is one to be approached with due diligence and respect. Thankyou for the wisdom!
Andrew Codling
Trusting The Intelligence Of Spirit
Having followed Helens work for years on utube & social media I happened upon her most recent book, which suprise led me to other books. And I have to say they do not disappoint. I have read many books over the years and not to be too critical, most have been wishy washy at best, I love how Helen writes in a very simple approach to completed things, breaking down and explaining the scientific information and academic litrature so that people like myself can understand it in basic terms. I have a very cynical mind when it comes to spiritual matters so it's important for me to have the factual information so that my inquisitive mind can't poke holes in the theory's, which I feel Helen has really out done in this book in particular, I am now very curious, more open to colour & light & looking forward to taking furthur steps with this on my journey. Thank you so much.
Amazon Reviewer
The Secrets of Colours

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